Finally given up the evil weed and switched to vaping? Or just looking to find a cheaper and healthier alternative? Quitting regular cigarettes and reaching for the awesome power of an e-cig is better for both your health and your wallet.

Vaping offers those who like to smoke a life changing experience, fully beneficial in so many ways. Not sure vaping is right for you? Check out the benefits below:

1. Vaping is way safer than smoking

In simple terms, vaping offers the nicotine “hit” that smokers crave, without the nasty concoction of tar, chemicals and toxins thrown in. Within just months of switching to a vape, smokers benefit from far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies. When you are ready, you can even switch to 0mg nicotine, or zero nicotine liquids, meaning you get all of the puff, without any of the bad stuff!

The newest generation of Vapes are clean, safe and easy to use. Devices like the Smok Alien for example, offer the user a heady mix of advanced technology combined with ergonomic design. With a USB port, easily visible OLED screen and a satisfying smoke for cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike, vapes like these make being healthy a no-brainer option.

The Smok Big Baby beast is a cutting edge tank, designed to turn your e-cigarrete into a simple to use, everyday essential. Small, but perfectly formed it delivers a nicotine hit by heating a nicotine-containing propylene glycol (e-liquid) allowing you to gradually decrease your nicotine intake, meaning you can take complete control.

2. All of satisfaction at a fraction of the cost

Apart from the fact that smoking kills, it also costs a fortune! Year on year the price of cigarettes rises, meaning smokers and quite literally paying to shorten their own lifespan!

Vaping offers a much cheaper alternative. Sure, buying the device is an initial investment, but keeping your vape topped up costs far less that buying a box of smokes every day. Even if you factor in the cost of sundries like coils, but the cost is negligible. The Smok T8 coils for example, cost as little as £12.99 and will last you a couple weeks at a time. Here’s some figures for you:

If the average cost of cigarettes is around £12 for a single pack, that means a smoker could be spending as much as £84 per week, £336 per month, or £4032 per year, even more in some states.

With vaping however, you can pick up a basic tank and mod kit for as little as £36. Say you use around 3ml of liquid a day, a 50ml bottle for around £15 will last for approximately a week or two depending on usage. That amounts to about under £2 per day for e-juice. Add in a little extra for additional coils at around £1 per day and you can already see the saving. At £3 per day, the cost of vaping will be £21 per week, £84 per month, or £1008 per year.

Thats a huge saving, make no mistake. Switch to vaping today to buy back your health, and keep your money in your pocket. Click here to see our products and feel free to get in touch with any questions!

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